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  • Introduction
  • Volume 2, Number 1, 2001
    Managing depression in general practice
  • Volume 1, Number 4, 1999
    The management of stable angina
  • Volume 1, Number 3, 1999
    Management of postmenopausal osteoporosis
  • Volume 1, Number 2, 1998
    Management of erectile dysfunction
  • Volume 1, Number 1, 1998
    Lipid-lowering in coronary heart disease
Gavel cover Vol 2 No 1
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Gavel, an evidence-based medicine publication written specifically for primary care, is based on a comprehensive search of the world's literature. Each issue summarises the clinically important research findings that influence therapeutic choice.

By evaluating benefits from a primary care viewpoint and with an understanding of budgetary limitations, we hope to offer a balanced, practical interpretation of the evidence base in key therapeutic areas.

The content is critically assessed prior to publication by an independent advisory panel, chaired by Dr Andrew Moore, Editor of Bandolier. The remit of the panel is to ensure that Gavel remains accurate, honest and objective, and retains its relevance to general practice.

Christopher Tidman
Publisher, Hayward Medical Communications


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