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Hayward Medical Communications' evidence-based medicine (EBM)
web pages feature details of our catalogue of publications in this field.

An understanding of EBM and how to implement it in practice is now crucial for all professionals involved in the delivery of healthcare.

Hayward's range of EBM publications covers a broad spectrum.

Gavel What is...?

The What is...? series explains the terminology and concepts used in EBM.

Gavel applies EBM principles to key therapeutic areas in primary care.

Clinical issues in HIV/AIDS examines the economic, public health, therapeutic and clinical challenges associated with countering HIV/AIDS.

Hirsutism guidelines

The guidelines on Medical management of facial hirsutism use the outcomes of a working party on the subject to propose evidence-based criteria for diagnosing and managing facial hirsutism in females.

The provision of these guidelines is supported by the Primary Care Dermatology Society.


New publications are constantly being developed to meet health professionals' needs for clear, concise and up-to-date information on EBM. Hayward Medical Communications can also provide EBM training courses tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. For further details, go to our Feedback page.


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